The following events have all taken place during my time at Current Circus

Websites    -   The Sound of Azure,  TechEd, Sydney, 2014

Part of the team at Current Circus developing the visual direction for Microsofts 'The Sound of Azure' web application:

I was also responsible for developing the visuals for our Azure projection dome.

Conferences  -  Game Developers Conference San Francisco 2013, 2014   /  Pax Australia 2013

Game Developers Conference:

The Current Circus team traveled to San Francisco for GDC in both 2013 and 2014 to exhibit our title Alpha Muse. We also held an event to display our game and projection dome. I was responsible for creating the audio reactive visuals for the dome.

Public Works Event - San Francisco

Photo taken by Julius Tuomisto

PAX Australia 2013

I was involved with creating the visuals for the game, helping to design and man the booth, along with creating the promotional material (posters, postcards, etc).

Installations: Tech Ed 2014, Public Works, Rainbow serpent, Central Park Mall - Sydney

During Tech Ed (2014), Public Works (2014) and Rainbow serpent (2013) we exhibited our audio reactive projection dome as shown above.  Each time I was responsible for creating new audio reactive visuals. 

Central Park Mall - Sydney

In 2013 I helped to create visual effects for a giant interactive wall display featured within the newly opened Central Park Mall in the heart of Sydney.  I was responsible for creating the visuals for our 3 applications, and implementing the user Interface visuals.